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And All Things Shall Be Well 

Progressive Hymns by William Flanders

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Hymns are in Alphabetical Order

Surprised By God

There's A Name Too High

This My Song, A Skeptic's Hymn

To A God Within

To Live Beyond Ourselves

Two Loves Have We

Under A Cross

We By Hope Are Saved

When A Building, When A Church?

Where Are The Prophets?

Where Is Jesus, Now, For Me?

While We Have Time

Who Is Our Neighbor?

Within Our Life We Have Two Homes 

Jesus, You Were Born At Christmas

Jesus,...Born Again At Easter

Love Is A Verb

Lucky Are Those Who Find Their Heart 

Moses Is Dead

New Born Children Of God

Once More The Advent Candles Burn

Once More...(Choir And Congregation)

Praise, O My Heart, To You

Rebekah's Song


Sing Me A Carol

Sing Then, Noel!

So Seeks The Mind

Spirit, Like The Wind, Is Wild

Spirit Within Us

God, In You Our Lives

​Are Founded

Here Is Bread

And Here Is Wine

If We But Knew How To Worship You

In Faith We Say Christ Has Died


It's So Nice Here In The Pew

Could We With All

Our Strength

Do Not Fear, I Am With You

Blood, Flow Down  

Born Is A Baby

Brightest And Best 



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Fortunate ​Those

Who Are Poor In Their Spirit

God, If We Confess

We Sin

God's Dearest Work Of Art



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